episode 101 show notes : The 5 Things You Must To Do Before you go to Cuba.

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For more information on: 

* British Currency and which gets you the most CUC for your American Dollar, continue reading:  

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*Be informed on how to navigate baggage claim at the Cuban airport, how to buy cigars, when to know you’re being jockeyed and so much more:

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* List of Apps

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Show Notes:

1. Money Exchange

* Cuba does not take USD or credit cards. You have to exchange money before you go.  Most banks still do not have Cuba on their list for money exchange so you will have to exchange for a British Currency and then exchange that once you get to the Cuban airport. Even if your bank does have Cuba on the list for money exchange, I would still recommend exchanging your USD for British Currency. In the long run, you're going to get more CUC to spend on your trip.

* If you bank with more than one bank, check to see which charges less in fees. I bank with Bank of America and Wells Fargo. BOA is cheaper and it is a flat rate. Credit Unions give great rates.

* Also, be aware that Cuba has two currencies and they do not spend the same!

2. Apps

  Here is a list of apps to download for you to use in Cuba

* Currency

* Cuba Offline

* Converse

* Translate

* Cuba

Be sure you download these apps well before your trip. Do not wait until you get to the airport.  Several of these apps have an offline mode that has to be downloaded after the app downloads. We did not find this out until we opened the apps in Cuba an a download offline message popped up. Also, once you download the apps, play with them and practice using them before leaving the country. 

3. Visa

You will need a visa to enter and exit Cuba. There are different websites that you can pre  purchase your visa, but personally I feel its easier and some cases cheaper to get it at the airport once you reach your gate. Check with your airline to see what the cost is. For Delta, it is $50 and when you check in online it ask you to choose a category for your visa. Just pick the one that is appropriate for you.

4. Plug Adapters

In Cuba you can have British and American plugs. I always carry my adapters with me just in case. I’m glad I did. In our Air BNB my bedroom had British plugs and Ashley’s bedroom had American plugs, so you want to be prepared in case that happens. 

5. Travel Guide

Be sure to get a travel guide that you can carry with you everywhere you go, especially since there is no wifi and using your carrier plan is expensive and pointless. For Cuba they have books for all of Cuba and specifically for Havana. The only two that Barnes and Nobles had were by Michelin and Moon. I went with the Michelin copy because it was not overly detailed with places and activities we knew we were not going to do.

That’s it for today’s episode! If you feel you’ve missed anything during this episode or for more detailed information on which British Currency is best to exchange for your American dollar, what apps to download and how to pick a travel guide, check out the show notes at here.

Because navigating travel to Cuba is a bit of a process, I’ve also written a Survival Guide that discusses baggage claim at the Cuban airport, how to buy cigars, how to know when you're being jockeyed and so much more. Just visit the blog to read The Cuba Survival Guide. Both the Show Notes and the Survival Guide are worth a read, because I’ve done all the work for you. All the links are below in the description box or you can go to Instagram and click the link in the bio.

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